Tuesday, 13 July 2010

This is the magazine advert i made using photoshop, I'm happy with the result and think it looks fairly professional. It promotes the single and also I decided to use HMV as the company selling it as it is a brand which is well known and available more so many young people shop their which promotes it further.

Friday, 9 July 2010

Still images from different videos on the side so the viewer knows what to expect in the DVD. There is the year follwed by the music video and number so people know which order there favourite song is playing and also so when buying DVD they know whats on the DVD. '93:99' on the front and back cover showing viewer that the songs range from her career since 1993-1999. There is section saying who took photo, the art directer and producer so they can have credit towards video.
There is DVD information including an age certificate, logos of companies involved as well as the official 'DVD logo'. There is a bar code and copyright info and a warning at the bottom talking about the DVD being copyrighted. There us also reference to the manufacturers of the DVD.
Again this just shows her name and the title of the dvd using eye catching colours.

The front cover of the dvd has a portrait of madonna wearing cultural clothing and her name as well as the name of the dvd with graphics behind her.
Larger image of image on back inside the case. Probably so people can see the picture of her by herself without the writing.

The same picture on the back has been copied to the inside, behind the disc. The disc has on the title, the certificate, running time, the logos, various company names and the date; these are here to own the DVD to the box, if it gets lost we can tell that its official. On the left hand side there are leaflets, one of advertisements of her other CDs and DVDs including a website, and the other one more to do with advertisements of other artists.

Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Stills from the music

Genre characteristics:

- As the genre is Pop, but mellow they definitely match their atmosphere with the 3 girls and soft setting of the sky and feminine clothes which are light colours.

Visual and Lyrics:

There wasn't much matching of action and lyrics except hand gestures to themselves with the music.

Visual and music:

- The green room made their visual limited, as there is no beat change in the song so they couldn't make much variety.

Need to sell the artist:

- They sold themselves as individual artists by being in their own shot. As they sang their own parts it gave them each their own look.


- Their video is calming to watch which can be pleasurable for people.


Good use of the green screen, the music is calm and the background suits it very well.
Good lip syncing and movement with the music. Towards the end it seems to go out of sync.
Different camera shots, varying from extreme close up to mid shot.
At various occasions you lean against the wall which seems to be a cloud :P


Genre characteristics - It matches the conventions of a pop video well because it focuses on the singing aspect also the video has a bright background meant to inspire happiness. Also the acting is quite dramatic.

Visuals/Lyrics - At the beginning the song mentions the hand and she holds up her hand and then it mentions heart and she puts her hand on her heart.

Visuals/Music - It's a dreamy song and there is a dreamy background. When the song gets emotional we see the group members also getting emotional.

Need to sell artist - It's promoting the band quite equally because it gives an equal amount of screen time to all the members of the group. Focuses on selling their singing ability because there's not really a lot of dancing.

Intertextuality - There are no references to other media.

Voyeurism - The video doesn't promote anything other than the artists singing ability.
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